lavastone and majolica lavastone and majolica lavastone and majolica lavastone and majolica

The tabletops of our exclusive Lavia Grande dinettes are made of lava stone from the Vesuvius volcano, i.e. of an extremely sturdy and noble material, volcanic magma that broke to the surface and solidified.

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lavastone and majolica


Lava stone is a fairly hard material, it is harder than marble or granite. It is a material that remains stable even in extreme circumstances, it can stand a heat of +1000°C or a freeze of -30°C. It is also resistant to mechanic forces, in normal everyday use you cannot do anything that would damage its fabric. By several rounds of burning at a heat of over 1000°C and relying on majolica technology based on traditions of several hundred years, the workshop of Lavia Grande produces wonderful, unique masterpieces.

The certificate that we provide for the tables is proof for the genuineness of the lava stone, thus you avoid the quality problems deriving from imitations made of other volcanic stones of lower quality, or possibly of clay. The number of pieces in a series is limited and each table is numbered, in order to preserve the highest quality.

Produced by the artists of Lavia Grande as a result of several weeks of work, every piece in the dinette and garden sets is fully hand-made and painted, in a quality fulfilling the highest artistic requirements. Each table is the result of caring work, as is required by painting and most of all, the classical manufacturing processes based on traditions of several centuries.