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The first-class lava stone of Lavia Grande, the solidified volcanic magma is split in huge blocks. From these blocks those parts are selected that are suitable for …

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...cutting out a lava stone piece the size of a tabletop, for cutting to measure and polishing for shape.

The uneven spots on the sheet are corrected manually, then the lava stone sheet is burnt at a temperature exceeding 1000°C. A special surface treatment follows, after which a fine and even glaze is spread, designed especially for lava stone.

At our Classico Collection, the artists of Lavia Grande will first draw the patterns on the raw and still malleable surface with graphite, by hand, then they paint the patterns, which takes days or even weeks if the patterns are very sophisticated. In a separate step later on, another glossy layer of transparent glaze is added, which will protect the patterns from the usual wear and tear and also refine the power of the colors. Then the sheet is brought back to the kiln for almost two entire days, at a temperature of over 1000°C.

This sensitive manufacturing process requiring great care ensures that tabletops made of lava stone will resist both heat and freeze as well as chemical and mechanical effects of everyday use.

When this careful work of several weeks is over, the outcome is a unique article of furniture, which deserves to be the pride of its owner, the adornment of dinners with friends and a central part of our everyday home life, always ready for service.